Online Trading Journal

What is the ProTrader's Online Trading Report Journal?

A very simple online trade journaling manager that enables you, at a glance, to measure and understand your financial returns. You are able to share your selected trading results, notes and ideas with others. Link back to your forum, blog or charts to discuss or note your idea behind the trade.

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  • Track your trading activities
  • Track your trading performance
  • View a financial snapshot report of current and past trading
  • Share your selected idea trades with others
  • Follow a group of traders who are sharing their trading activities
  • A NEWOnline Diary for recording your daily market analysis for reviewing in the future
  • Share your selected Diary entries or Market Analysis in the ProTrader's Blog

Just Like A Spreadsheet Ledger

ProTrader's Online Trading Report Journal allows you to keep exact results of each trade, right down to the last cent. A method to which you can check against your broker's statements. And best of all, it takes very little time & effort to log and journal your trade information.


The Journal's Online Diary NEW

Don't make the same mistakes over and over. By taking notes of daily News that drove the market wild on a particular day, in the future when looking back at your charts you will know why the market behaved the way it did. Also, by recording and noting your trades you will see those mistakes and perhaps avoid repeating them in the future. By writing your own daily Market Analysis and keeping records of transactions and notes on every trade you will learn about your trading strategies, habits and market trends.

Why Was This Tool Created?

The ProTrader's Online Trading Report Journal was initially created for recording my personal trades, but has now evolved into something that others are finding very useful. It's FREE to use, so enjoy...

Journal Screenshots

Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses by using the ProTrader's Online Trading Report Journal. Understanding how your actions relate to your performance will greatly improve your trading.